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Couleur Chocolat, an adventure for pleasure



In de middle of the " Entre Sambre et Meuse", one of the most beautiful areas of Wallonia, our cottage chocolate factory makes an exclusive range of authentic Belgian chocolates and truffles, containing pure butter cocoa and a selection of the best ingredients. Discover the world of Couleur Chocolat...

Identity and products

A prestigious cottage chocolate factory in one of the most beautiful areas of Belgium. The new workshop created by Hervé Filleul, according to the latest hygiene standards, ensures a rigorous control of the production system.

Couleur Chocolat distributes

  • A large range of chocolates, truffles, "caraques", spreads and hollow
  • Chocolate printer
  • Production of pasteurized ice cream (unpacked, iced cakes)
  • business presents (baskets, personalised creations for companies,...)


Research and innovation

Creativity is at the heart of the Couleur Chocolat's concept.
As in his exclusive range of chocolates, truffles and "caraques" combining the harmony of their design with their delicate flavours combinations as in his traditional ice creams like "l'Amarena", "l'Alicante", la délice des îles",...
We find the same view to research with the 100% chocolate dresses of Hervé Filleul. Since 2002, the artisan exports this unique concept and participates to prestigious shows all over Europe.



Ice creams


First of all, pleasure is visual. Our creations are made to captivate the
eyes. Choice of forms, colours, matters. Your heart will melt when you will see our products.


We invite you to an olfactory adventure. Close your eyes and smell the perfumes of chocolate cream filling, almond, vanilla cream and fresh fruits.


You will not be disappointed. Subtle combinations of spices and cocoa complete a traditional assortment. Art of combining creamy and crunchy matters.


Slightly warm like the chocolate stirred by our tempering machines. Cold like our pasteurized ice creams made according to the tradition, in our new workshop.


Shh! The cracking sound of the real Belgian chocolate finishes to satisfy your senses. Indulge yourself !


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